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AMC Athena – ERP Suite

AMC Athena is a cutting-edge Enterprise Digital Transformation solution modern enterprises. It is an integrated Digital Transformation ecosystem of ERP software with various peripheral devices and mobile applications. The software is the best platform for spearheading the digital transformation of large, medium and small enterprises.  

Athena ERP Suite has been named after the ancient Greek goddess of war strategy and wisdom.  The solution was built with the wisdom and experience of industry specialists based on best practices in the industry. It is a comprehensive ecosystem for Digital Transformation of Enterprises. It includes the Enterprise Resource Planning Software “Athena” with seamless integration with various IoT devices and systems. IoT edge devices capable of carrying out AI tasks can automate many mundane human – labor intensive activities.

The Enterprise Resource Planning software will provide visibility, analytics, and efficiency across every aspect of a business.   AMC Athena ERP Suite uses cutting-edge technologies, and facilitate the flow of real-time information across departments, so businesses can make data-driven decisions and manage performance.

The software has been developed and matured after many years of research and study of industry best practices evolved in aviation, maintenance, manufacturing and logistics organizations.  AMC Athena is best fit for Aviation, Supply Chain & Manufacturing companies who need strong SCM, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Financial and Human Capital Management solutions.

AMC Athena can be configured to use multiple organizations and legal entities in a single database and is suitable for Small and Medium enterprises (SMBs) and Large Organizations. Many big enterprises are relying on the software for their day to day business activities.  The ERP product has been built for the cloud with its state of the art mobile applications.  The mobile based applications that can be used for stock checking, stock counting, approval management etc. has placed the software in the right spot.

Enterprise Software Solution 

AMC Athena is a comprehensive software solution built to standardize the business processes of various industries.  The software implements the best practices of the industry and streamlines business processes to make it lean and efficient.  The main modules of AMC Athena are shown in below figure:

AMC Athena Solution overview

Digital Transformation Ecosystem

AMC Athena provides the perfect ecosystem for Digital Transformation of your organization and will lead you to the next generation of connected organization. The ecosystem of mobile devices, IoT devices, AI/ ML models, cloud and big data analytics is the perfect solution for any organizaton targeting to transform to Industry 4.0 specifications.

Industry Solutions

AMC Athena is a comprehensive software solution that has in depth features to manage business process of various industries. It includes but not limited to Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Maintenance, Aviation, Shipping, Construction, Real Estate, Trading & Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics etc.

The below figure shows the features available in Athena Aviation solution.

AMC Athena Industry Solutions - Aviation

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