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LucidA – Analytics of Next Generation

Introducing our latest analytics platform to the world. LucidA has been designed from the ground up for the Analysts to perform their task at ease. LucidA is one of the most versatile Business Intelligence & Analytic tools available.  The analysts can generate visually stunning dashboards and reports using the self service Analytic Visualisation builder and Dashboard builder functionalities. It is a user friendly software completely built on Java platform.

As the name implies, LucidA is the brightest star in a Constellation. It is the brightest star among the BI/ analytic products in the market. The ease of use through web based self service analytics makes it the best tool in an analysts kit. The softwares cutting edge features lets the user to develop visually stunning analytics dashboards at ease. The analyst can obtain insight into the data by ad-hoc analytics, querying, enterprise reporting, and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).