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AMC Athena ERP Suite is a state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning software which will accelerate the organizations Enterprise Digital Transformation journey. It is tailor made for companies who are into Supply Chain Management, Material logistics, Trading, Manufacturing, Construction, Project Management, Quality Assurance and Aviation/ aircraft maintenance.  The software is built for the cloud, AI, ML – integrated with IoT devices and Robotic Process Automation tools.

The software is built with industry leading technologies and is a complete solution to manage the Financial Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Time & attendance management of an organisation.   It is fine tuned for handling the complete aircraft maintenance life cycle, operations, supply chain, project management, Quality Assurance, human resource management and financial accounting.

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LucidA is one of the most versatile Business Intelligence & Analytic tools available.  The analysts can generate visually stunning dashboards and reports using the self service Analytic Visualisation builder and Dashboard builder functionalities.

As the name implies, LucidA is the brightest star in a Constellation. It is the brightest star among the BI/ analytic products in the market. The ease of use through web based self service analytics makes it the best tool in an analysts kit. The softwares cutting edge features lets the user to develop visually stunning analytics dashboards at ease. 

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NexTA is a robust platform for Time and Attendance management that is integrated with the finger print readers/ attendance monitoring systems.

Key benefits of using NexTA for an organisation are,
• Reduce Labour Cost with Time Management Software • Enforce Rules with Time and Attendance Software • Remain in compliance with the Working Time Act • Easy-to-Use, No-Hassle Time and Attendance Software • Clocking Options – Hardware & through Software • Increase Staff Productivity & Efficiency • Reporting & Analytics

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AMC eAM is a robust software application for Asset Management, Preventive Maintenance Management, Maintenance Forecasting & Planning of maintenance activities, Calibration Management, Work Order Management, Certifications and Reliability Management of machineries, tool and test equipments. Also, it is used for managing the maintenance of facilities with wide ranging Preventive Maintenance and Reactive Maintenance functionalities.

The software helps organizations to define KPI’s on maintenance functions and manage the performance of their high value assets effectively. Also, it helps the organizations forecast the maintenance cost and requirement of materials for achieving the KPI requirements.

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IT & Business Consulting

With our extensive experience in aviation softwares, we are providing consulting support to commercial and defence aerospace industries.  Seasoned consultants with an average of 15 years in aviation business expertise are available for consulting assignments in:

  • Aerospace Business consulting
  • Aviation Software Selection
  • Software Implementations
  • Integration/ Interfacing
  • Software Development
  • Data Migration

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